Kiss Me Quick

We are SO excited to see our new bespoke DIY photobooth items coming together. Our trusty Danny has been sawing, sanding and screwing like his life depends on it, all to bring you these fantastic new items.

The first, and my personal fave, is THE KISSING BOOTH. Being a 90’s teen, I, like many of you, was blessed with some brilliant American teen chick flicks.

Boy meets girl, there is a big football game which will ensure boys college career, the throw in a school fair, boy stumps up $1 for an awkward public peck across the iconic kissing booth, the earth moves and then true love ensues.

When could possibly be a better time to relive that teenage aspiration that all of us once shared, than on your wedding day with the love of your life?

Throw in a few props, signs, a great guest list and you have yourself a DIY photobooth that dreams are made of. What a brilliantly fun addition to your wedding, it is after all a day to celebrate love.

Standing side by side the kissing booth is the beautiful and classy frame wall. With elegant pale green wall paper and 2 good size frames, you and your guests can have hours of fun creating your own pictures with our generous selection of props.

Pintrest is full of these photo frame walls, and we have seen many over the last few years. So we took the bits we liked and made (or rather Danny made) our own, and we are confident you will love it as much as we do!

These brilliant pieces will be completed and ready to hire from the end of March ’16 so make sure you keep an eye on our facebook page to see the official opening of their diaries, and equally importantly, Photos of them.

Drop us a line to book an appointment to see all of our beautiful hire items in the flesh!

Steph xx

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