Choosing The Vendors For Your Wedding


How do you pick your vendors?

Value for money is the key when choosing your wedding suppliers. Don’t confuse value for money with booking the cheapest of everything. Take a measure, for example, our hire company is pretty cheap, but that is because we believe in affordable weddings. We love helping couples achieve what they want without breaking the bank. That is why we keep our prices low. You need to check that when things are less expensive, the service level is still there.

The best way to choose your vendors is to base your choices on recommendations. Speak to your friends who are already married. We all love a good chat and reminisce on ‘our big day’.

Who did they use? How did they find their service?

Did you go to their wedding? What was your take on it?

Take little bits from each conversation and use their knowledge to help to build a plan for your day.

Use the socials! There are a ton of pages and groups that are bursting with info and inspo. Shameless plug😊, use them, ask questions, ask for recommendations. That is the social culture, easy sharing of information, and its all at our fingertips.

Do your due diligence. Check the company out. Look at their reviews. Look at their work. Is it what you want?

Make use of trials and tasters.

Caterers: Can you try their food?

Bands: Can you get to a gig?

Hire companies: Do they have a showroom, or are they attending a wedding fayre?

Not surprisingly, my last suggestion here, is that you consider using a wedding planner. Even if you just book in for a  few ad hoc hours. We know our stuff, who to use, where we can get you discounts. Having a planner there on the day, to coordinate everything will be a god send, mark my words. After doing all of the planning, you want to be able to sit back and enjoy what you have created, not be running around checking vendors have arrived and have what they need, or moving guests and watching timings. If you don’t have one provided by your venue, this is money well spent!


This bit of vendor research will pay off massively if you can relax on the day, knowing that you have picked great people who will give you a great service!!