The Dreaded Budget-Where Do I Start?


It fair to say that sitting down and working out your wedding budget is not the part of wedding planning that we all dreamed about as little girls. But you need to know what you are looking at before you can get to the good stuff. However, breaking it down in to simple steps will make it as painless as possible.

‘Money Talks’

Around 36% of couples now foot the whole wedding bill themselves. That means that most couples get some much-needed help, normally from their folks.

Most of us will feel awkward having to ask about parental contribution.

Ease the awkwardness by sitting down with each set of parents individually, you with yours, the groom with his; and asking what they can contribute. They may give you a figure, or they may opt to cover a certain part of the day; Wedding Dress, Catering, Venue hire. Once you know

what they can help out with, you know what you need to include in your budget.






Put it together and what have you got…

Your total budget. Your parents’ contribution added to yours equals your total budget. Do not include your credit card limits in the total. You still have to live after your wedding day. We all have mortgages or rents to pay, and as much as I could always do with loosing a few pounds, we all need to eat! You don’t want to start married life in debt.

If you are looking at credit to give you a helping hand, be sensible about it. Research-Martins Money tips are fantastic, go to his website and see what his recommendations are. Its easy to follow and there is not too much overwhelming information. Work out which card will have the best rewards for you; cash back, air miles, interest free? Then go from there.


Now that you have a figure, start thinking about what your priorities are. What do you want most out of your wedding? A particular band or DJ, specific food or drinks, a certain photographer? That’s what you need to focus your budget on. The bit that is most important to you two.


Often forgotten, but always necessary costs

Wedding dress alterations, weather backup plans (tents, heaters), vendor meals (do they need a hot meal, or can you provide them with a packed picnic?). Make sure you are getting all of your quotes including VAT!

Every little bit helps

Don’t put off payments. If you have a little extra left at the end of the month, make an early payment to one of your vendors, or pop it in a savings account, and add to it bit by bit with out dipping in, so that you can pay a chunk off.

Guest list

Each guest at your wedding could on average cost you £70-£100 minimum. That means a table of 10 ‘we should probably ask’ guests could set you back a thousand pounds! Have the people that you can imagine getting married without, there all day. Then enjoy celebrating with the rest of your friends and family at the evening reception.

people will tell you that 10-20% of your invited guests will decline, but this isn’t always the case, so never bank on it.